How to use IMPACTfox

See how easy it is to get started using IMPACTfox and using it to measure and improve your business’s social media

How to start using IMPACTfox

Start your subscription
Choose to see just your social media scores or you can subscribe to the plan that shows your performance plus a competitor’s Impact Scores. During the checkout process, you’ll be prompted to provide your Facebook and Instagram links and if needed, your competitor’s links.

IMPACTfox doesn’t need access to your Facebook or Instagram account or your competitor’s account.

IMPACTfox starts viewing your Facebook & Instagram activity
IMPACTfox will start running quietly in the background, watching your social media posts on Facebook and Instagram. It doesn’t need to like or follow your profiles – it’s acting only as a random viewer of your feed.

Make sure to post on Facebook and Instagram during the 7 day period from when you start using IMPACTfox, so you can see how well your posts did compare to your business niche as soon as possible.

You’ll receive 3 informational emails over the next 7 days
While IMPACTfox is watching and absorbing your social media activity and that of your business niche, you’ll receive some emails from with tips on making your posts perform well compared to your competition.

After 7 days, ImpactFox will send you its first weekly email
You’ll receive the first of your weekly emails showing Facebook & Instagram post performance over the last 7 days. You’ll see at a glance how well your social media posts from the prior week have performed as compared to others in your industry niche. You’ll be able to tell quickly if you are being outperformed in 3 areas – how often you post, how many fans or followers your accounts have, and how interested your followers are in what you posted during the week.

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Looking at Your Weekly Email

How to use IMPACTfox
See how easy it is to get started using IMPACTfox and using it to measure and improve your business’s social media.

Check your email each week on whichever device you like to use for email
IMPACTfox’s emails are formatted to be easy to look at on mobiles, desktops, and tablets

The IMPACTfox weekly email

Impact Score (the circular gauge)

Here, you’ll see your ranking across hundreds of similar businesses in your industry, using the average of the 3 score factors.

It tells you at a glance how your social media effort ranks between 1 and 100. It uses a percentile system, which means that a score of 80 shows that you are better than 80 of the businesses in your industry that IMPACTfox is watching.

A score of 80 also means that 20 percent of the other businesses have higher scores. To improve this score, you’ll want to view the 3 score factors below the circular gauge.

Impact Score Factors

Each of the 3 bars shows the components that make up the score in the circular gauge. These are the rankings of the components of your Facebook & Instagram scores among the similar businesses in your industry that IMPACTfox is watching.

Interest Level Rank

Interest Level Rank is calculated using the number of likes, comments, and shares that your business received divided by the number of followers, and compared to the same calculation across all the other businesses as a percentile ranking.

In the example above, the Interest Level Rank of the business is 70, which means their posts gained more interest than 70 percent of the other businesses in their industry that IMPACTfox is monitoring. This also indicates that the business has plenty Of room for improvement since 30 percent are doing better.

To improve Interest Level Rank, the business should use the common methods for improving engagement in posts, See this page for some of the most common methods in use and for additional resources to gain advice.

Activity Rank

Activity Rank indicates how many posts per week your business published during the previous period as a percentile compared to the similar businesses that IMPACTfox is watching. The example in the photo above showing a score of 25 indicates that 75 percent of the other businesses are publishing posts more frequently, which gives them more opportunities to be seen.

Improving Activity Rank simply means posting more often each week. At the same time, it’s important not to let quality drop when putting more effort into creating additional posts, as the overall score will drop.

Followers Rank

Followers Rank shows how the number of followers of your Facebook and Instagram accounts compares to the similar businesses in a percentile ranking. If your number of followers is 49 or lower, it means the majority of similar businesses have more followers than you.

To improve Followers Rank, apply the common methods for growing followers. See this page for common methods and additional resources. Note that a key step toward growing followers is to maximize interest in your posts and then publishing at a frequency that gives above average visibility to your posts.

Impact Score Comparison

If you have subscribed to the IMPACTfox plan that provides competitor scores, you’ll see the Impact Score Comparison section. This section contains the impact scores for your chosen competitor, one for Facebook and one for Instagram. Please note that the choice of competitor can be changed at most once per month.

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