Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial of IMPACTfox?

We would love it if we could offer a free trial – it’s a fantastic way to let people know if a tool is valuable before they invest money into it. Unfortunately though, the cost on our side prevents us from offering anything free.
What we’ve done to alleviate this situation a bit is to price IMPACTfox as low as feasible, so that the overall benefit can be seen without spending a whole lot of money. From feedback we’ve received, the value of the tool is very high compared to the monthly subscription cost, so we think you’ll be impressed even though a free trial isn’t something we can offer.

Is this a cloud based web service? Is it an app? What is it?

We designed IMPACTfox with the goal of it being the easiest and most time-saving way to know if your social media investment is working as you expect.
As a result: IMPACTfox is a concise weekly email sent directly to you from the cloud each week. It’s not an app, so there’s nothing to download. It’s also not a website, meaning you don’t have to spend time going to a website to find out how your social media is performing.
We think you’ll love how easy it now is to see if the time and money you spend on social media is working as well as it is for other businesses in your sector.

I have questions to ask before I subscribe.

Please feel free to reach out to us by emailing and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Is there a minimum period for a subscription?

There is no minimum period for an IMPACTfox subscription. You have the flexibility to subscribe and unsubscribe as you see fit. We do place a limit on number of changes for competitors however, which is currently limited to one change per month per subscriber.

How long will it take to start getting IMPACTfox reports once I start my subscription?

You’ll start receiving IMPACTfox reports seven days after your subscription payment goes through. This timeframe is needed for the system to collect the initial required amount of performance data from your social media accounts and the accounts of similar businesses from which the rankings are calculated.

I am just starting to put my business on social media. Will IMPACTfox work for me?

We recommend only using IMPACTfox if you have 100 or more followers on your Facebook and Instagram accounts. This will ensure your data comes through accurately in the ranking calculations and prevents others in the same business sector from seeing their rankings fluctuate more than normal.

I am in a very niche industry, without many other businesses on social media to compare to. Will IMPACTfox work for me?

This is an important question to ask because it’s indeed possible to get scores that fluctuate a lot when there are fewer than 50 businesses to compare with. If you feel that your sector may be very small in its number of businesses, feel free to reach out to us for a complimentary search on number of businesses by emailing

Can IMPACTfox tell me the ROI (Return On Investment) of my social media expenses?

There is not presently any accurate method to determine social media ROI, even if one were to count income directly traceable to clicks from social media posts. This inability to determine ROI accurately is why IMPACTfox was created, because social media ROI is primarily about gaining more Top of Mind Awareness, Brand Awareness, and Brand Affinity. What we recommend as a means of determining if your social media has achieved ROI or not is to use IMPACTfox to see whether you are ranking above or below your competition. If you are spending a lot but not ranking above a direct competitor, then it is more than likely you are not getting what you expect for your investment, meaning a negative ROI.

Can I add more than one competitor on my weekly email?

At this time, we don’t offer the option to add more than one competitor. However, we may add this option in the future based on customer suggestions. Let us know if you would like to have this feature by emailing us at

Can this tool show reports from previous time periods?

We’re considering adding a history feature, so if you feel that would benefit you, please send us an email and let us know. At the present time however, in order to keep the reports as simple as possible, we’ve decided to only show the most recent report data. Note however that if you save each weekly report in your email inbox, you’ll always be able to look at previous reports.

Do you offer social media services? Can you recommend someone?

We do not offer social media services ourselves, nor do we endorse or recommend specific service providers. Our focus is on providing unbiased reporting at all times. In our view, any affiliation with social media management or social media marketing companies would undermine the trustworthiness of the IMPACTfox tool itself.

How do I improve my Interest Level Rank?

To improve your Interest Level Rank, you’ll first want to improve your posts’ likelihood of generating likes, comments, and shares. While this can be a hard task to figure out sometimes, it’s a crucial step toward coming out ahead of your competitors in Social Media.

There are plenty of resources available online for how to generate more likes, comments, and shares. We recommend searching Google, YouTube, or even ChatGPT with queries such as ‘How do I increase the number of likes on my Facebook posts’ or ‘How to get more shares on Instagram posts.’

In fact, it’s wise to search for this information at least twice each year, because the methods to achieve success are always subject to change based on the latest updates within the Social Media platforms.

How do I improve my Activity Rank?

The IMPACTfox Activity Rank shows you how your number of posts per week compares to others in your business sector. If you find you have a low Activity Rank, then you’ll want to consider posting more often. It’s important to balance quality versus quantity however, so it’s always worth keeping an eye on your Interest Level number to ensure that once you begin posting more often that you have not sacrificed post quality (and as a result gotten less interest in your posts, which then reduces important aspects like your chances of gaining new followers.)
It’s worth keeping in mind that the Activity Rank is a good way to understand how much effort other businesses in your sector are putting into their social media. If you have a low Activity Rank – for example below 50 – it means that more than half of similar businesses are putting out more posts each week.

How do I improve my Followers Rank?

The IMPACTfox Followers Rank shows you how your number of Followers compares to lots of other businesses in your sector. If you find your Followers Rank to be lower than your competitors’, you may want to look at how best to grow followers. This is best done by searching Google, YouTube, ChatGPT or other sources for terms such as ‘How to grow my followers on Instagram’ or similar. By searching for this information a few times a year, you’ll stay up to date on best practices as algorithms change as well ask stay in the know for what tactics are likely to prevent you from growing your follower count.

How does IMPACTfox work when it comes to paid advertising on Social Media?

IMPACTfox does not distinguish between paid and unpaid (also known as organic) posts. IMPACTfox’s sole purpose is to show a business owner where they stand in the overall goal of gaining brand awareness and brand affinity. If a business in your sector is spending heavily on advertising, you’ll find that they are indeed pushing themselves to the top of the rankings, in line with what they are paying for: more brand awareness and brand affinity. And although IMPACTfox was not built as an advertising measurement tool, it can be useful toward giving a business the feedback on how well an advertising campaign is going relative to other businesses in the same sector. If a business is spending money on ads and not seeing a high Impact Score, it may be a sign that the ad campaign could use additional optimization.

What happens when my business stops posting on one or more social media accounts?

IMPACTfox will show your Activity Rank as zero, and your Interest Level will show a very low number as well. Since the Interest Level is dependent on likes, comments, shares ,and new follower counts, it is possible for the Interest Level to stay above zero when no posts are made yet people are still seeing older posts and engaging with them.

Why do my results keep changing a lot week over week?

Your results in IMPACTfox may change significantly from week to week due to several factors, including:

Fluctuating Social Media Activity: Changes in your own social media activity, such as the frequency and timing of your posts, can impact your results. If you’re posting more or less frequently or at different times, it can influence how your content is seen and engaged with.

Competitor Activity: Variations in your competitors’ social media strategies and activities can also affect your results. If your competitors are stepping up their game or changing their tactics, it may impact your relative performance.

Algorithm Changes: Social media platforms often update their algorithms, which can affect how content is displayed to users. These changes can impact the visibility of your posts and engagement rates.

Seasonal Trends: Some businesses experience fluctuations in performance due to seasonal trends or specific events. For example, a retail business might see increased engagement during holiday seasons.

Content Quality: The quality and relevance of your content play a significant role. If you’re consistently posting engaging and valuable content, it’s more likely to perform well. Conversely, if your content quality declines, it can lead to fluctuations in results.

Audience Behavior: Changes in your audience’s behavior, preferences, or demographics can influence how your content is received. Audience engagement patterns can vary over time.

External Factors: External events, news, or trends can impact social media performance. For example, a trending topic or news event may temporarily divert user attention from your usual content.

Testing and Experimentation: Businesses often experiment with different strategies, such as trying new types of content or ad campaigns. These experiments can lead to variations in results as you refine your approach.

To address these fluctuations, it’s essential to continuously monitor your social media performance, adapt your strategy as needed, and use tools like IMPACTfox to gain insights into specific areas.

The data I’m seeing in IMPACTfox emails does not match my other tools’ data. What’s happening?

IMPACTfox presents data in the form of percentile rankings among many dozens of businesses in a sector. As a result, there isn’t a direct match possible between the data you see in IMPACTfox and the data you may be getting from other tools. We recommend using IMPACTfox to evaluate your social media team’s effectiveness relative to other businesses in your sector, and then let the team use other tools to focus on what specific improvements are worth testing.

I did a lot of work to improve my scores last week, but now I have a lower score. What’s happening?

IMPACTfox presents you with a ranking comparison to others in your business sector. It’s entirely possible that one or more other businesses improved their score during the same time period as you, and for whatever reason that business had more success in the particular aspects that IMPACTfox watches. It’s also possible that another business in your sector began boosting posts or launching a social media ad campaign, in which case they may have generated more likes, shares, and comments, or they may have even grown their fan base. Growing the fan base is the most powerful metric that IMPACTfox watches for and if another business is very successful in doing that, other businesses’ scores will become lower.

My score isn’t improving after many weeks of trying to improve our posts. What’s wrong?

IMPACTfox is based on rankings, so if you are improving your posts, make sure you are seeing the numbers go up in each post – including likes, comments, shares, etc. Make sure you are seeing your follower count increase. If you are seeing these go up and yet IMPACTfox is not showing a higher score, then it means that other businesses in your sector are also improving their posts’ performance and thereby keeping ahead in the rankings. If you are trying to improve your posts but not seeing those numbers increasing, search for the most recent improvement advice on Google, YouTube, ChatGPT etc. It could easily be the case that your posts are missing an essential ingredient that an algorithm update has made important, or that your competitors have begun investing in higher performing posts, or even ads, because they saw your posts improving.

How many accounts from similar businesses are my rankings being calculated among?

This number varies for each business sector. In order to gain maximum accuracy in the ranking calculations, we strive for between 200 and 400 other businesses. Also, to minimize fluctuations in the numbers, we do not include social media accounts with fewer than 100 followers since these smaller numbers can occasionally lead to unnaturally high Interest Scores.

Can I create reports that match IMPACTfox’s data?

The short answer is yes, and in fact it can be done in Excel or Google Sheets. However, the data entry time and the fine tuning of the percentile calculations and weighting may become a burden for some, and it’s for this reason that we created IMPACTfox.

Do you recommend any resources for measuring more details like which specific posts got more likes?

While we don’t recommend any one specific resource or tool, we can say that there are many tools out there that provide per-post performance analysis. For those just starting out who want to delve into this data, we recommend initially looking at the post performance numbers (likes, comments, shares) for each of your posts and each of your competitors’ posts, to see what patterns emerge. If you reach a point where this becomes a large effort, it can then be worth investigating what tools are available to reduce the workload.

I need to change the competitor I chose originally

Your IMPACTfox subscription comes with an option to change who your competitor is as often as once per month. To make a change to the competitor you originally selected, please follow these steps:
Create a support ticket by visiting

In the support ticket, please provide the following information:
• Your business name
• The email address you receive the weekly reports at
• The new competitor you’d like to be in the report

Our support team will process your request, and you should see your changes reflected within 7 days.

I need to change the email address where I receive my IMPACTfox reports

If you need to change the email address to which IMPACTfox reports are being sent, please follow these steps:
Create a support ticket by visiting
In the support ticket, please provide the following information:
• Your business name
• The email address at which you currently receive the reports
• The new email address you want to receive reports at
Our support team will process your request and you should begin receiving the reports at your new email address within 7 days.

How do I change my payment information?

To change or manage your payment methods, please visit the Payment Management Page.
If you have any other questions or require additional assistance, please feel free to create a support ticket.

How do I cancel?

We’d hate to see you go! But if you have to cancel, please send us a support ticket with the word Cancel as the subject and we’ll cancel your subscription. If you have any questions before canceling, you can always email us at

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds at this time. However, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your subscription or any other inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our support page. We are here to assist you and will do our best to address your queries promptly and effectively. You can access our support page here: Thank you for your understanding.

What/who is Online Impact Group?

Online Impact Group is a team of engineers with a passion for all things marketing, with a frame of reference centered almost entirely on engineering and optimizing revenue generated via any form of marketing. Working within the digital marketing realm, it became clear that a tool such as IMPACTfox could help solve some of the common issues businesses face when they spend money on social media yet don’t have a good idea of how much return it generates.

How do I reach support?

You can reach our support team through the following methods:
Support Ticket: You can create a support ticket by visiting our dedicated support page at
Email: Alternatively, you can send us an email at , and our team will promptly assist you with any questions or issues you may have.
Phone: We’re available M-F from 10am-5pm US Eastern time at +1 415 799-3478.

Stay tuned with IMPACTfox