IMPACTfox helps Floral Decor Manufacturer Gain New Orders

The Situation

Some businesses’ products sell well when attractive product images are posted on Instagram. In this case, Instagram was a perfect match for conveying the quality and attractiveness of their products and contributed to both domestic and international sales.

However, the number of orders that came in via Instagram posts was not growing sufficiently. It wasn’t immediately clear why because the person responsible for posting images on social media was putting in a good amount of effort each week.

What IMPACTfox Made Visible

By looking briefly at the Instagram rankings that are part of the weekly report from IMPACTfox, it was easy to see from the rankings that this business was facing a deficit in followers’ interest in its posts compared to several dozen other manufacturers in the same niche.

A brief look at the competitors’ Instagram feeds showed a much higher percentage of Instagram reels were being posted.

What Was Done to Improve

The importance of adding Instagram Reels to the company’s social media feed was conveyed to the social media person. The social media person took this information and began posting more of the short-form videos that make up Instagram Reels. Additionally, carefully chosen music tracks were added to each video, a tactic that keeps users watching longer.


Within only a few days, the business received two large international orders. The business now invests more time in crafting interesting videos and seeing the results in IMPACTfox. Additionally, the business found it to be economically viable to use Instagram ads designed to increase follower count, which, combined with the better Interest scores, is leading to better overall visibility of their products.

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