Tips & Resources
for Improving Impact Scores

Methods for encouraging more
interest in your Social Media posts

Increase your followers’ interest in your Facebook & Instagram Posts

Create posts that attract more likes, comments, and shares

Create more video content

  • Video content on Facebook and Instagram gets more engagement than pics or text posts.
  • A recommended Facebook post ratio is of 70% video posts, 20% images, and 10% link posts.

Use trending music tracks

  • Music should be captivating within the first 2 seconds.
  • Trending music is important to use wherever possible.
  • This is for Reels & also Facebook videos & YouTube Shorts & TikTok as well.
  • One video can be reused across all the above channels.

Use Instagram Stories

Post Instagram Stories

  • They last 24 hours.
  • Multiple stories can be posted in any 24 hour interval; they will just expire 24 hours later.

Use Instagram Highlights

Regularly add good pics/videos in the Instagram Highlights, such as to promote offerings by category.

  • Can use pics or icons or text images for the highlight ‘covers’ to entice clicks into highlights.
  • Both videos and stills can be in the highlights section.
  • Link Stickers and URL inclusions are available in the highlights section too.
  • See this article for the steps on how to add stories, posts into the highlights section in Instagram.
  • Instagram Highlight cover dimensions are the same as Instagram stories: 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels or within a 9: 16 aspect ratio.

Limit promotional posts

Limit the amount of promotional posts. The 80/20 rule applies — 20% of content related to your product or service is enough.

Bonus Information: Methods to encourage clicks to your website from Instagram

Linking to your website from Instagram posts

Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t make it easy to provide links in posts for people to follow. Workarounds include adding links in:

  • Your Instagram profile
  • Instagram Stories

3 Methods for encouraging clicks to your website

  • LinkinBio – this method is becoming popular. Consider using emojis to highlight ‘link in bio’ callouts in Instagram posts.
  • Link Stickers within Instagram stories.
  • Comments combined with Direct Messages (DM’s)
  • Invite followers to comment with an emoji or a keyword to express their interest in what you have to offer
  • Then DM interested followers with a resource link.

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