IMPACTfox Gets Along Well With Your Other Tools

IMPACTfox fits in nicely with your existing performance measurement tools

Many great tools are used by Social Media teams to monitor and fine tune their social media postings. Established social media post-scheduling tools also offer nice features that capture performance measurements.

Many tools also offer reporting on competitors’ performance, allowing a social media team to identify how and where their own work needs fine tuning in order to meet & exceed the visibility of the competition on social media.

Provides Just the Necessary KPI’s

IMPACTfox offers great benefits when used alongside these tools. For managers, it functions as an easy to discern summary tool with just the necessary information in the form of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). For managers and company owners who offload or outsource their social media work, it offers a fast, easy to comprehend weekly indication of how well the company’s Social Media work is being performed, along with what areas have opportunities for improvement.

Focuses Improvement Effort

Since IMPACTfox sends an email each week, it can be forwarded to social media teams who can then use it to understand how their own work is ranking compared to the industry and to competitors. With its 3 score factors, IMPACTfox makes it easy to focus on the most needed improvements within their preferred social media performance tool for opportunities to improve.

IMPACTfox was built in large part as a tool for dealing with the above situation – figuring out where next to focus social media effort based on performance rankings compared to dozens of similar businesses including the nearest competitors – because this capability wasn’t found in the most common performance monitoring tools.

Try it Alongside Your Existing Tools Today

If you’re a manager looking for KPI’s, or a company owner wanting to make sure the most bang for the buck is being achieved when outsourcing social media postings, or a social media expert looking for extra information to guide the next step in optimizing your posts, give IMPACTfox a try and see how well it helps in your specific work role.

Stay tuned with IMPACTfox