What’s Under the Hood of IMPACTfox

How IMPACTfox Calculates Your Social Media Impact Score

If you’re looking to improve your social media presence, IMPACTfox can help you understand how your business is doing on Facebook and Instagram. By calculating an Impact Score, Interest Level Rank, Activity Rank, and Followers Rank, IMPACTfox provides valuable insights into your social media strategy.

Three Components of the Impact Score

IMPACTfox silently watches your Facebook and Instagram posts each week, looking at three components of the Impact Score:

  • How many posts your business posted
  • How many people interacted with the post in the form of a like, comment, or share
  • The number of fans your profile has reached each week

Comparing Your Scores to Similar Businesses

These three components are then compared to the same components across many similar businesses, from dozens to multiple hundreds, depending on your industry niche. Comparison is done by calculating the percentile rankings of each of the three components, providing a rank from 1 to 100 for each. Using percentiles allows you to see where a given component value ranks in comparison to others when wide differences are present in fan counts, number of posts, or number of likes/comments/shares.

Understanding the Percentile Rankings

For example, an output value of 75 for the number of posts means that your business has put out more posts in the two-week period than 75 percent of the similar businesses. Conversely, 25 percent of similar businesses have published more posts than your business. Similarly, if the number of likes/comments/shares generates an output value of 30, it means that 70 percent of similar businesses are getting more reactions to their posts, or had posts that were more interesting to their followers.

The Process for Facebook and Instagram

The above process runs twice: once for Facebook and once for Instagram. Subscribers to the Basic Plan will see their Impact Scores and component rankings for Facebook and Instagram. Subscribers to the Competition Plan will see their own scores and rankings, plus the Facebook and Instagram Impact Scores of a chosen competitor in the same niche.

Currently using other performance monitoring tools?

Every Social Media team has its own favorite tools that tell them precisely where to improve. But for business owners paying for a social media team, too much information is a time suck.

IMPACTfox eliminates time spent reading through complex reports describing engagement and percent follower growth etc. Now business owners can see at a glance how well their social media compares to the competition and where improvement may be called for.

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