Spend less time evaluating and more time improving

Avoid Complex Reports

Most businesses optimize their social media by looking through reports full of charts and numbers in order to determine how to improve visibility on Facebook & Instagram.

If you’re a business owner who invests valuable time & money in Facebook & Instagram posting to generate new revenue. It’s crucial to keep informed on whether and how well your investment is paying off.

Stay on top of social ROI

Determining if your Social Media efforts are generating a positive return can be time consuming. It often means evaluating complex reports each week and looking through multiple numbers, graphs, and charts, and then comparing these measurements to the same ones for the competition.

Quickly See What Needs Improvement

Using the 3 key component scores that make up the Impact Score you get for Facebook and Instagram, you’ll see the three key factors for visibilityinterest in your posts, how many posts you published in the latest time period, and your current number of followers.

Each of these 3 scores lets you see a clear ranking of how your social media is doing compared to the rest of your industry. These scores let you know instantly if you need to up your social media game by posting content that your followers may be more interested in, by posting more often, or by increasing your number of followers.

Take action easily

If your business relies on another resource for posting on social media, either in-house or outsourced, you may want to let them see how their work is ranking in visibility compared to similar businesses. Doing this is as simple as forwarding the email you receive from IMPACTfox each week.

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